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About the Michigan Diabetes Research Center (MDRC)

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The specific aims of the MDRC are to:

  • Coordinate activities that raise awareness of, interest in, and support for basic and translational research in diabetes, its complications, and related endocrine and metabolic disorders at the University of Michigan and beyond.
  • Advance learning and promote scientific exchange related to diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism.
  • Provide research cores that provide shared, specialized technical resources and expertise that enhance the efficiency, productivity, and multidisciplinary nature of research performed by MDRC investigators.
  • Support a Pilot and Feasibility studies grant program.

About the Michigan Center for Diabetes Translational Research (MCDTR)

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The specific aims of the MCDTR are to:

  • Raise awareness of, and interest in, type 2 translational research in diabetes and related conditions and create an environment that supports such research
  • Identify, develop, and support researchers engaged in research to translate interventions with proven efficacy into real world health care settings, communities, and populations at risk
  • Administer cores that provide services critical to type 2 translational research in diabetes for new and established investigators
  • Foster interdisciplinary collaborations to advance type 2 translational research in diabetes
  • Provide education and training opportunities in diabetes translational research
  • Administer a Pilot and Feasibility Study Grants Program to attract new investigators and enable them to generate preliminary data for successful grant applications