Michigan Center for Diabetes Translational Research: Members

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James E. Aikens, PhD
Associate Professor, Assistant Professor
Family Medicine, Psychiatry
Diabetes, self-management, depression
Cristina Alvarado-Nieves, MD
Clinical Instructor
Medical School, Internal Medicine, Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology, and Diabetes
Minority health, diabetes education, and health care disparities
Lawrence C. An, MD
Associate Professor
Internal Medicine/General Med
Diabetes, self-management, tailored messaging
Robert M. Anderson, EdD
Medical Education
Patient empowerment, health behavior & psychosocial issues
Lyn Ang, MBBS
Clinical Lecturer
Medical School, Internal Medicine, Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology, and Diabetes
Glycemic stress, cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy, hypoglycemia
John Ayanian, MD
Chair and Professor
School of Public Health
Diabetes, quality of care, and health disparities
Satinder Baveja, PhD
College of Engineering
RL approaches to healthcare for modeling temporal data and learning good interventions
Kelsie Bernot, PhD **
Assistant Professor
Department of Biology, North Carolina A&T State University
Health disparities, service learning, and diabetes
Steven J. Bernstein, MD, MPH
Internal Medicine/General Med
Diabetes, quality improvement, implementation
Wenche Borgnakke, DDS, MPH, PhD
Adjunct Clinical Professor
School of Dentistry
Oral-systemic health associations, periodontitis-diabetes links, oral microbiome
Robert Brook, MD
Associate Professor
Internal Medicine-Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
Metabolic syndrome; dyslipidemia; hypertension; air pollution; insulin resistance
Morton B. Brown, PhD
Biostatistics Department, School Public Health
Diabetes, disease modeling, costs, quality of life
Charles Burant, MD, PhD
Professor, Robert C. and Veronica Atkins Professor of Metabolism
Internal Medicine/MEND & Molecular & Integrative Physiology
Diabetes, prevention, obesity
James Burke, MD
Assistant Professor
Stroke, racial disparities, individualizing care
Brian Callaghan, MD, MS
Assistant Professor
Metabolic syndrome, neuropathy, diabetic complications
Tammy Chang, MD, MPH, MS
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
Medical School
Teen birth and obesity, as well as new media (social media, text messaging) interventions for weight management
Denise Charron-Prochownik, PhD, RN, CPNP, FAAN **
University of Pittsburg, School of Nursing
Reproductive health/preconception counseling, adolescent women, information technology
Lena Chen, MD, MS
Clinical Lecturer
Internal Medicine/General Med
Quality measurement and improvement, costs of care
Hwajung Choi, Research Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine, Medical School and Faculty Associate, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research
Research Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine, Medical School and Faculty Associate, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research
Int Med-General Medicine - Faculty and Staff Medical School - Faculty and Staff Institute for Social Research - Faculty and Staff SRC-Social Envir & Health - Faculty and Staff
Aging; Family care support; Contextual effect on health disparity
Tae-Hwa Chun, MD
Assistant Professor
Internal Medicine/MEND
Obesity, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome
Amy Cohn, PhD
Associate Professor
College of Engineering and School of Public Health
Robust and integrated planning for large-scale systems in healthcare
Cathleen Connell, PhD
Health Behavior and Health Education, Professor and Chair
School of Public Health
Diabetes self-management, older adults, behavioral intervention
William D. Corser, PhD, RN, NEA-BC * **
Research Specialist
Institute for Health Care Studies, College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University
Diabetes health outcomes, health information technologies, diabetes care for Medicaid beneficiaries
Laura Damschroder, MS, MPH **
Research Investigator
VA HSR&D Center for Clinical Management Research (CCMR), VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System
Diabetes prevention, implementation, mixed methods
Kate Diaz-Vickery, MD, MSc **
Assistant Professor and Associate Director
University of Minnesota Medical School and Hennepin County Medical Center
Health disparities, primary care, and diabetes and co-morbid behavioral health conditions
Marisa Cristina Eisenberg, PhD *
Assistant Professor
Department of Epidemiology, School of Public Health
Hormone regulation, metabolism, chronic disease, mathematical modeling
Stefan S. Fajans, MD
Professor Emeritus
Internal Medicine/MEND
Type 2 diabetes, genetics of diabetes, MODY
Eva Feldman, MD, PhD
Russell N. DeJong professor of Neurology, Director of the Taubman Institute, Director of the Program for Research & Discovery
Diabetic neuropathy; insulin-like growth factors; neuromuscular diseases
Edwin B. Fisher, PhD **
Professor, School of Public Health, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Health Behavior
Peer support, diabetes, self-management
James T. Fitzgerald, PhD
Associate Professor
Medical Education
Diabetes, evaluation, attitudes and perceptions
Martha M. Funnell, MS, RN, CDE
Associate Research Scientist, Adjunct Lecturer
Medical Education, School of Nursing
Diabetes patient education and empowerment, chronic illness case management, peer support in diabetes
Thomas W. Gardner, MD
Diabetic retinopathy; mechanisms of disease and treatment
Roma Y. Gianchandani, MBBS
Assistant Professor
Internal Medicine/MEND
Diabetes, hospital diabetes management, quality of care
Russell E. Glasgow, PhD **
Research Professor; Director, Dissemination and Implementation Science Program of ACCORDS (Adult and Child Consortium for Health Outcomes Research and Delivery Science
Family Medicine, University of Colorado School of Medicine
Assessment of diabetes self-management, complex multi-morbid patients, pragmatic research methods and models
Karen Goldstein, MD, MSPH **
Assistant Professor, Medical School
Department of General Internal Medicine, Duke University
Peer support, cardiovascular risk, women’s health.
Dina Hafez-Griauzde, MD
Clinical Lecturer
Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases
Diabetes, prediabetes, primary care
Jeffrey B. Halter, MD
Professor of Internal Medicine, Chief, Division of Geriatric Medicine, Director, Geriatrics Center and Institute of Gerontology
Internal Medicine/Geriatrics
Diabetes in elderly people, aging and insulin secretion, metabolic effects of weight loss
Kristen Harris-Nwanyanwu, MD, MBA **
Private Practice
Access to care, health disparities, diabetic retinopathy
Jaclynn Hawkins, PhD
Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
Alumni School of Social Work - Faculty and Staff
Diabetes, Gender, Self-Management
Megan Haymart, MD
Assistant Professor
Internal Medicine/MEND
Thyroid, outcomes and cancer care
Rodney A. Hayward, MD
Professor, Director Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program
Internal Medicine/General Med & Health Management and Policy
diabetes, quality management and improvement
Mary Ellen M. Heisler, MD, MPA
Associate Professor
Internal Medicine/General Med
Diabetes self-management, community-based participatory research, interventions
William H. Herman, MD, MPH
Professor, Stefan S. Fajans/Glaxo Smith Kline Professor of Diabetes
Internal Medicine/MEND & Epidemiology
Diabetes, health services research, clinical economics
Denise Hershey, PhD **
Assistant Professor
Michigan State University, School of Nursing
Diabetes, quality of life, self-management
Israel Hodish, MD *
Assistant Professor
Internal Medicine/MEND
Diabetes, insulin therapy, delivery of care
Timothy P. Hofer, MD
Associate Professor
Internal Medicine/General Med
Diabetes, quality management and improvement
Crystal Holmes, DPM
Assistant Professor
Internal Medicine-MEND
Diabetic foot management and treatment, wound healing, charcot neuroarthropathy
David Hutton, PhD
Assistant Professor of Health Management and Policy
School of Public Health
Cost-effectiveness, global health, patient decision-making, patient education, mathematical modeling
Mahmoud Ibrahim, MD **
Director, EDC, Center for Diabetes Education, McDonough, GA
Diabetes education, diabetes clinical research, diabetes epidemiology in the Arab countries
Barbara A. Israel, DrPH
Health Behavior & Health Education, School of Public Health
Social and behavioral determinants of diabetes, reduction of risk factors associated with diabetes, community-based participatory research
Theodore J. Iwashyna, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Internal Medicine/Pulmonary- Critical Care
Organization of critical care services to provide high quality and value; medical education; health services research
Linda Jaber, Pharm D **
Associate Professor
School of Pharmacy, Wayne State University
Diabetes and prediabetes, diabetes prevention
James S. Jackson, PhD
Director, Institute for Social Research, Professor
Health Behavior & Health Education
Diabetes, translating health interventions and behavioral approaches into community health care settings
Lisa Jackson, MD, MPH
Associate Professor
Internal Medicine-Cardiology
Women's Health, Nutritional Epidemiology, Obesity
Mary R. Janevic, PhD
Assistant Research Scientist
Health Behavior & Health Education
Diabetes and physical activity; diabetes self-management; family support for diabetes management
Melanie Jay, MD, MS **
Comprehensive Program on Obesity; Director of Research Collaboration and Mentorship; Co-Director, NYU Langone Comprehensive Program on Obesity; Staff Physician, VA New York Harbor
School of Medicine, New York University
Underserved populations; primary care; obesity
Kevin Joiner, PhD, RN, ANP-BC
Research Fellow
School of Nursing, Department of Health Behavior and Biological Sciences
Diabetes, disparities, stigma
Carrie Karvonen-Gutierrez, PhD, MPH
Research Assistant Professor
School of Public Health, Epidemiology
Epidemiology, women’s health, obesity, metabolic dysfunction.
Edith C. Kieffer, MPH, PhD
Associate Professor
School of Social Work
Diabetes, heath disparities, pregnancy
Catherine Kim, MD, MPH
Associate Professor
Internal Medicine/General Med & Obstetrics & Gynecology
Diabetes, women’s reproductive health
Matthias Kretzler, PhD
Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics
Diabetic Kidney Disease, Systems Biology, Molecular diagnostic and target identification
Jeffery T. Kullgren, MD, MS, MPH *
Assistant Professor
Internal Medicine/General Med
Prevention of diabetes, health promotion, behavioral economics
Stanley Kuo, PhD
Research Investigator
Metabolism, Endocrinology, and Diabetes; Internal Medicine, Medical School
Diabetes and translational epidemiology, clinical economics and decision analysis, and computational simulation modeling
Laurie LaChance, PhD, MPH
Associate Research Scientist
School of Public Health
chronic disease management, community-based approaches to evaluation, health disparities, behaviors related to diet and nutrition
Joyce M. Lee, MD *
Assistant Professor
Pediatric Endocrinology
Diabetes, childhood obesity, mobile technology
Pearl G. Lee, MD *
Clinical Lecturer
Internal Medicine/General Med
Diabetes and prediabetes, lifestyle interventions, co-morbidities, disabilities, aging
Julie Lumeng, MD
Assistant Professor
Childhood obesity, stress, and eating behaviors
Donna Jean Marvicsin, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor
School of Nursing
Maternal diabetes management behaviors and child metabolic control
Rafael Meza, PhD *
Assistant Professor
Department of Epidemiology, School of Public Health
Diabetes in Mexico, modeling of public health interventions, chronic disease modeling
Briana Mezuk, PhD
Associate Professor
Epidemiology, School of Public Health
Psychosocial, disparities, public health
Lewis Morgenstern, MD
Neurology, Neurosurgery, Emergency Medicine, & Epidemiology
Diabetes, disparities, stroke, Hispanics/Latinos
Michael Munson, DPM
Clinical Instructor
Internal Medicine/MEND
diabetic peripheral neuropathy, diabetic lower extremity complications, diabetic limb salvage
Susan Murphy, SCD
Assistant Professor
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Diabetes, behavioral interventions, and disability prevention
David C. Musch, PhD
Professor of Ophthalmology Associate Research Scientist
Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Epidemiology
Ocular complications of diabetes, epidemiology, quality of life
Harold Neighbors, PhD
School of Public Health
Mental health, oral health, racial disparities, men's health, lifestyle
Paula Newman-Casey, MD, MS
Associate Professor
Medical School, Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
eHealth, eye health, tailored chronic disease management and patient empowerment
Akinlolu O. Ojo, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine, Florence E. Bingham Professor of Nephrology
Internal Medicine/ Nephrology
Pharmacotherapy of hypertensive and diabetic renal disease
Elif Oral, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Internal Medicine/MEND
Insulin resistance, obesity, lipid disorders, type 2 diabetes
Sela Panapasa, PhD
Assistant Research Scientist
Institute of Social Research
Diabetes, prevention interventions, and survey research methods and analysis
Sung Kyun Park, MPH, ScD
Research Assistant Professor
Environmental Health Sciences
Diabetes, environment, and gene-environment interactions
Minal Ravindra Patel, PhD
Assistant Professor
Health Behavior and Health Education, School of Public Health
Socioeconomic barriers and concerns with chronic disease self-management; management of multiple chronic conditions; patient-clinician behavior, education, and communication; self-management tools; care coordination.
Myria Petrou, MB, ChB
Assistant Professor
Diabetes, neuropathy, cognitive decline
Gretchen A. Piatt, MD, MPH *
Assistant Professor
Department of Medical Education, Department of Health Behavior & Health Education, School of Public Health
Diabetes, health care delivery, behavioral and psychological aspects of diabetes prevention and management, community interventions
Massimo T. Pietropaolo, MD
Internal Medicine/MEND & Pediatrics
Islet cell autoimmunity in type 2 diabetes
John D. Piette, PhD
Internal Medicine/General Med
Chronic disease management, self-management support, telehealth, mobile health
Nicole R. Pinelli, PharMD, MS, CDE * **
Clinical Assistant Professor
Pharmacy, University of North Carolina
Diabetes, prevention and management
Rodica Pop-Busui, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Internal Medicine/MEND
Diabetes, diabetes complications, clinical trials
Friedrich K. Port, MD, MS **
Vice-President Arbor Research Collaborative for Health
Arbor Research Collaborative for Health
Diabetic renal disease, optimizing treatment with dialysis and transplantation, new onset diabetes after transplantation
Lisa A. Prosser, PhD
Research Associate Professor
Pediatrics and Communicable Disease & Health Management and Policy, SPH
Diabetes, cost-effectiveness, health utility measurement methods
Kenneth Resnicow, PhD
Health Behavior and Health Education, & Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases, School of Public Health and Medical School
Pediatric obesity, use of technology to deliver health messages, motivational interviewing for prevention & management of chronic disease
Caroline R. Richardson, MD
Associate Professor, Research Scientist
Family Medicine, VA HSR&D
Physical activity, diabetes prevention, translational research
James Richardson, MD
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Gait and balance, accidental falls, neuropathy
Elizabeth Rogers, MD, MAS **
Assistant Professor
Department of Internal Medicine, University of Minnesota Medical School
Diabetes self-management support, social vulnerabilities, primary care-based interventions
Ann-Marie Rosland, MD **
Associate Professor, General Medicine
Department of Medicine, University of Pittsburg
Diabetes, self-management, clinical interventions
Amy Rothberg, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Internal Medicine-MEND
Obesity, metabolism, diabetes
Aruna V. Sarma, PhD, MHA *
Research Associate Professor
Urology & Epidemiology
Diabetes, lower urinary tract dysfunction, urological complications
Laura Saslow, PhD
Assistant Professor
School of Nursing
Type 2 diabetes, technologically-enhanced diet and lifestyle interventions self-management
Amy J. Schulz, PhD
School of Public Health
Community-based participatory research, cardiovascular health, walking group intervention
Michelle Segar, PhD
Assistant Research Scientist
Institute for Research on Women and Gender
Motivation, physical activity, and prioritizing self-care behavior
Yolanda R. Smith, MD
Associate Professor and Research Assistant Professor
Obstetrics & Gynecology, Reproductive Science Program
Polycystic ovary syndrome, insulin resistance, neuroendocrinology
MinkYoung Song, PhD *
Suzanne Bellinger- Feetham Professor of Nursing, Assistant Professor of Nursing
School of Nursing
Diabetes, physical activity, community/population- based research
Michael S. Spencer, PhD **
School of Social Work and Director of the Indigenous Wellness Research Institute (IWRI), University of Washington
Diabetes, cost- effectiveness, community health workers, disparities
Joshua D. Stein, MD *
Assistant Professor
Diabetic retinopathy, health services research, cost-effectiveness analyses
Heather Stuckey, DEd **
Assistant Professor
Internal Medicine and Public Health Sciences, Pennsylvania State University
Diabetes self-management, positive modeling, motivations to change and turning points
Jeremy B. Sussman, MD, MS
Clinical Lecturer and Research Fellow
Internal Medicine/General Med
Development, testing, and implementation of tools for personalized medical decision-making
Meng H. Tan, MD
Clinical Professor
Internal Medicine/MEND
Diabetes, registries and clinical trials
Tricia Tang, PhD **
Associate Professor
The University of British Columbia, Medical School, Endocrinology
Diabetes prevention, diabetes self-management, peer support, racial and ethnic health disparities
Deborah Tate, PhD **
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Health Behavior and Department of Nutrition; Communication for Health Applications and Interventions (CHAI) Core
Diabetes, eHealth/mHealth, weight loss intervention
George W. Taylor, DMD, MPH, DrPH **
UCSF School of Dentistry
Glycemic control, diabetes complications, periodontal infection
Renuka Tipirneni, MD, MSc
Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Medical School
Int Med-General Medicine - Faculty and Staff Medical School - Faculty and Staff
Health insurance / Medicaid Social determinants of health Aging
Melissa A. Valerio, PhD **
Associate Professor
University of Texas, School of Public Health
Diabetes, health literacy and self-management
Tiffany Veinot, PhD
Assistant Professor
School of Public Health
Community health informatics, technology-enhanced disease prevention, big data approach
Sandeep Vijan, MD
Associate Professor
Internal Medicine/General Med
Risk modeling, decision making, quality measurement
Julia Wolfson, PhD
Assistant Professor
Health Management and Policy and Nutritional Services, School of Public Health
Obesity and diabetes prevention, food procurement and preparation practices, public health policy
Maria Woodward, MD, MS
Associate Professor
Medical School, Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
eHealth, eye care delivery, telemedicine, and provider decision support systems
James Wrobel, DPM
Associate Professor
Internal Medicine/MEND
Health services and clinical research in the diabetic foot, value compass and microsystem quality of care models, biomechanics of the foot and ankle
Jennifer Wyckoff, MD
Assistant Professor
Metabolism, Endocrinology, and Diabetes; Internal Medicine, Medical School
Diabetes and pregnancy, insulin pumps, patient education, cystic fibrosis related diabetes and transplant related diabetes
Wen Ye, PhD
Research Assistant Professor and Adjunct Assistant Professor in Biostatistics
Biostatistics Department, School of Public Health
Disease modeling for diabetes, clinical trial design, longitudinal study design and analysis
Peng Zhang, PhD *
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Surgery
Diabetes, individualized medical decision, analytic morphomics.
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