Michigan Diabetes Research Center: Clinical Core: Clinical Research Unit: Scheduling Space

Scheduling space in the MDRC Clinical Research Unit (CRU) at Domino’s Farms

A calendar has been created for study teams to schedule participants for two of the examination rooms in the MDRC CRU (#2106 and 2108). The other two rooms (#2110 and #2112) are generally reserved for GRADE Study use. If space is needed and both rooms are already scheduled, study teams should contact Andrea Waltje (waltjea@med.umich.edu or 998-9835) to ask about additional room availability.

Study teams are responsible for entering appointments to the shared calendar and for updating the calendar promptly if any research subjects reschedules or cancel.

Note: A scheduling resource for the MCRC space has been created in MiChart. Access to the MiChart scheduling resource requires up to 12 hours of instructor-led training and, in the absence of a dedicated clerk, creating, cancelling, rescheduling appointments, checking-in, and checking-out patients, the use of MiChart as a shared scheduling resource is cumbersome and impractical. Study teams who wish to schedule research visits in MiChart are welcome to do so, but must also enter scheduled visits using this shared Outlook calendar.

For access to the shared calendar contact Cathy Martin (martinc@med.umich.edu, 6-6465) or Pam Campbell (pamcamp@umich.edu, 3-5730)

Enter appointments in the calendar as follows (see example shown below):

  • Grant Title: (drop down menu of approved studies)
  • Coordinator Name/phone number/email:
  • Location: DF 2106 or DF 2108 (both rooms are available to be scheduled – be sure to list the room # you plan to use. The rooms are essentially identical).
  • Start time: Time subject is expected to arrive
  • End time: Time visit is expected to be completed – including time needed to clean the room
  • Free text: Include at least some information to identify the subject (in case you aren’t there when the subject arrives), whether you plan to use the office or lab and also any additional notes about the visit.

Click here to reserve an MDRC CRU examining room at Domino’s Farms (approved UM staff only).

Remember to cite the Michigan Diabetes Research Center (MDRC) in publications as follows:
“The project described was supported by Grant Number P30DK020572 (MDRC) from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases”