Michigan Diabetes Research Center: MICPC: Imaging: Recharge Rates

Core users will be recharged at the following rates to cover the cost of consumable supplies and to assist in covering service contracts, staff personnel and replacement equipment.

The prices listed below are subject to change.

Services Member Rates
Olympus FV500 Confocal Microscope $ 25.00/hour
Leica TCS SP5 Confocal Microscope $ 30.00/hour
Nikon A1 Confocal Microscope $ 30.00/hour
Nikon Diaphot 200 Microscope Multiwavelength
Widefield, FRET and MetaFluor Imaging System
$ 7.50/hour
Windows-PC Workstation for Image Analysis
(Volocity, AutoQuant, Imaris, MetaMorph)
$ 7.50/hour
Labor $ 45.00/hour

Remember to cite the Michigan Diabetes Research Center (MDRC) in publications as follows:
“The project described was supported by Grant Number P30DK020572 (MDRC) from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases”