Michigan Diabetes Research Center: OMICS Core

The MDRC supports the use of the “OMICS” technologies by MDRC members (specifically on projects relevant to diabetes and related endocrine and metabolic disorders, including their complications) by supporting pilot studies that utilize these technologies. The MDRC will support the cost of OMICS-based services by UM cores (see below) for approved studies by MDRC investigators, up to a total annual cost of $10,000 per investigator.

Applicable services include:

Pilot projects must be pre-approved by the MDRC to receive MDRC funding.

To apply for funding, please email the OMICS Pilot program (mgmyers@umich.edu) to discuss the project and its diabetes-relevance. We will put you in touch with the director of the appropriate core to work out the details of the project and get cost estimates before reviewing the proposed project for diabetes relevance and committing funds. We will need a project proposal (less than one page) including:

  • A brief description of the project
  • The project’s relevance to diabetes
  • What qualifies the project as a pilot study
  • Estimated cost of the project

Applications will be reviewed by the MDRC executive committee on a rolling basis as they are received, and decisions regarding approval will be made quickly.

For more information about OMICS Core services, please email the OMICS Pilot program (mgmyers@umich.edu).

Key Personnel

Martin G. Myers, M.D. Ph.D., Director, MDRC
mgmyers@umich.edu, 734-936-8279